Ben throws Burman out of his house when he meets a new, cooler, more exciting roommate.

Episode Production Team

Director — Eddie Quintana

Writers — Ben Giroux and Scott Burman

Producers — David Sinatra, Elissa Weinzimmer, Jessica Kaplan, Matt Celia, Katie Coffman

Director of Photography — James Codeglia

Editor — Todd Killingsworth

Sound — Mark Camperell, Empty Sea Audio Services

Music — Mike Kramer and Emoto Music

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Episode Cast

Ben — Ben Giroux

Burman — Scott Burman

Sherman — Whit Hertford

Homeless Julie — Susan Berger

Homeless Guy 1 — Tom Hedrick

Homeless Guy 2 — Wil Garret

Chloe, Supermodel 1 — Brooke Long

Ivanka, Supermodel 2 — Amanda Adrienne

Alexa, Supermodel 3 — Allison Lee Ritter

Masseuse 1 — Sorana Black

Masseuse 2 — Kelly Yin Yee

Nice Rack Girl — Lindsey Michelle Grubbs

Mom — Anne Ford Galiana

Daughter — Halston McMurray