Best Friends.  Bitter Enemies.

BEN AND BURMAN is a web, animated, and television show following two diminutive, polar opposite roommates.  Burman is the world’s biggest scum-rat mooch, while Ben is an anal-retentive clean-freak.  As best buddies, they take each other to their wit’s end through agitated banter, plans gone awry, and a crack-squad of off-kilter friends and foes.

Ben is the voice of reason, and Burman is the scheming loon.  No matter how hard Ben tries to achieve success in romance, career aspirations, and personal tranquility, Burman finds a way to completely wreck everything.

Show Formats

The BEN AND BURMAN brand has been developed into three unique pitches:

BEN AND BURMAN is an expansive universe of original characters, places, and relationships.  The BEN AND BURMAN pitch site provides an intricate insight into what could become a dominating brand spanning multiple mediums, distribution channels, and markets.  If you’re interested in discussing opportunities for the show, give us a shout.