Ben and Burman: The Animated Series makes South Park look like Sesame Street.

BEN AND BURMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a fully developed cartoon world.  After not speaking since grade school, childhood best friends Ben and Burman reconnect after Burman shows up on Ben’s doorstep, down on his luck.

Ben reluctantly lets Burman sleep on the couch of his one-bedroom bachelor pad for “a few nights.”  After a while, it becomes clear Burman has no intention of ever leaving — and Ben doesn’t have the guts to kick him out.

The boys begin to rely on each other, becoming inseparable: Burman needs Ben to support himself, and Ben needs Burman to bring a little chaos to an otherwise drab existence.

The animated series thrusts the boys into endless ridiculous adventures in an off-beat, suburban neighborhood named Sunnyslope.  The show melds a wacky cartoon world with gritty realism.

Burman continually befriends vagrants, thieves, and children to assist in get-rich-quick schemes.  Through it all, he drags Ben along — consequences be damned.  As a result, Ben’s love life, career, and finances become painfully unstable.

With over 1oo original characters and shockingly in-your-face humor, BEN AND BURMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES features endless comedic possibilities.