Ben and Burman Fight Zombies

Burman interrupts Ben’s romantic dinner-date after becoming convinced the world has been overtaken by brain-eating zombies.

Ben and Burman Split Up

Ben throws Burman out of his house when he meets a new, cooler, more exciting roommate.

Ben and Burman Hate Nazis

Jealous of Ben’s new romance, Burman tries to convince Ben that his girlfriend is secretly a Nazi.

Ben and Burman Find God

Ben and Burman’s bickering spirals out of control, and the only solution is a heavenly intervention.

Ben and Burman Plan a Heist

Ben’s budding relationship with a prude girl gets dicey when Burman assembles a team of burglars.

Ben and Burman Adopt a Kid

Burman adopts a small Filipino child on the black market so Ben can use him as a personal servant.

Ben and Burman Hide a Dead Body

Burman accidentally kills Ben’s highly allergic girlfriend after cooking a peanut-heavy dinner recipe.

Ben and Burman Time Travel

Burman uses unconventional means (which may or may not include a make-shift time machine) to catch Ben in a lie.

Ben and Burman Watch Rambo

Burman forms an alter ego, taking method acting to the extreme, after he and Ben watch too many movies together.

Ben and Burman Dump a Girl

Burman takes elaborate roll-playing to new heights when Ben seeks help breaking up with an annoying girlfriend.

Ben and Burman Ruin Christmas

Ben and Burman inadvertently destroy yuletide around the globe when an old friend pays a visit on Christmas Eve, hankering for some eggnog.

Ben and Burman Wage War

Ben and Burman settle their differences through an epic playground rumble, closing the web series with an explosive bang.