A throw-back homage to the comedy duos of old, a modern-day odd couple pairing.

BEN AND BURMAN: THE TELEVISION SERIES is a live-action odd-couple comedy.  Ben and Burman are two little guys taking on one big world.  Burman is the world’s worst roommate: a scum-rat who mooches food, money, and women.  On the flip side, Ben is an anal-retentive clean-freak who desperately craves normalcy.  As best buddies, they take each other to their wit’s end through agitated banter, plans gone awry, and a crack-squad of off-kilter friends and foes.

Ben is the voice of reason.  Burman is the scheming loon.  No matter how hard Ben tries to achieve success in romance, career aspirations, and personal tranquility, Burman finds a way to completely wreck everything.

The boys’ argumentative banter drives the pace of each episode.  They angrily focus on trivial minutia to prove ridiculous points.  Underneath the fights, they’ve always got each other’s backs because friendship trumps all.

The Style

BEN AND BURMAN: THE TELEVISION SERIES is a half-hour, handheld, single-camera comedy.  Taking cues from THE ODD COUPLE, SEINFELD, and FAMILY GUY, the series follows the absurd adventures of two polar-opposite guys who behave like they never really left the 5th grade.

Rooted in the present day, the show takes place mostly in reality — accentuated by fantastical flashbacks, delusional flash forwards, and cartoonish side characters.


BEN AND BURMAN: THE TELEVISION SERIES features four series-regular characters.  Ben and Burman’s cantankerous relationship is the central focus.  Beyond that, each of the boys have an ally:

Amanda, Ben’s long-time love interest, is his closest confidant.  Though Amanda sees Ben only as a “good friend,” Ben has secretly pined for her since grade school.  Amanda helps Ben get out of tricky situations that would otherwise be inescapable.

Chilly Willy, Burman’s right-hand man, is a cartoonishly tall sixteen-year-old debate champ who moonlights as Burman’s get-away driver.  If Burman were Batman, Chilly Willy would be Robin.

In addition, the show features dozens of original recurring personalities.  For a full list of characters, check out the BEN AND BURMAN Character Directory.

Central Question

Why does Ben keep Burman around?

Ben’s life is too routine without Burman, and Burman’s life is too wild without Ben.  The boys both know this, but would never admit it.   At the end of the day, you can always count on one thing: a best friend.  Burman verges on lunacy, but he’s the most loyal friend Ben could ever count on.