Ben’s House

Ben lives in a one-bedroom bachelor pad.  It’s nicely furnished, but decorated in a way that suggests Ben is still trying to grow up.  The centerpiece of Ben’s apartment: a big, red couch that Burman sleeps on.   Ben usually brings all of his dates home on the first or second date — it’s an intimate space shared quickly and plentifully with Burman’s schemes and cronies.

The Chinese Deli

The local Asian eatery.  Ben and Burman are well-known, though oft-confused for each other.  The heavily accented owner, Mrs. Wong, thinks that the boys are a gay couple each named “Bernard.”  Burman’s got his own booth in the back of the restaurant where he maps out his schemes with Chilly Willy.  Ben uses the Chinese Deli to go on painful friend-dates with Amanda.

The Comic Shop

Chilly Willy works at the mall comic book store, which conveniently sits across from a food court.  He’s been the cashier for a little over a year, but spends his time studying for AP exams rather than reading comic books. Burman comes in to mooch the merchandise, steal porn, and cajole CW to help him with wild ideas.

Gleckman Ad Agency

Ben’s workplace.  Gleckman Ad Agency is run by a grizzled, old-school boss who wants to maximize profits and minimize fun.  At work, Ben is Mr. Efficiency and a stand-out employee.  Gleckman hires, fires, promotes, and demotes on a daily basis, so Ben is always trying to get a leg up.   Ben’s a bit of an outcast among his co-workers though: he prefers to work diligently alone and get home in a hurry, despite his co-workers’ repeated attempts to invite themselves over to his place for dinner.