Pitch Packet

A comprehensive PDF packet detailing the style, scope, and world of BEN AND BURMAN: THE TELVISION SERES.

Sample Scripts

Ben and Burman Turn Blind and Gay

Ben and Burman fall in love with the same girl, Sally, who teaches at the School for the Blind.  Always creative, Burman pretends to be blind to woo Sally’s heart.  After Sally unexpectedly takes a liking to Ben, Burman sabotages the budding relationship by convincing Sally that Ben is homosexual.  Now, Ben and Burman must pretend to be blind and gay to have any chance at winning Sally’s trust…

Ben and Burman Get Stuffed

When Burman spends Ben’s rent check, the boys have to come up with a way to avoid eviction.  Burman decides to enter the local, annual eating competition to compete for the grand-prize money.  Ben is strong-armed into participating as Burman’s sandwich-eating “trainer.”  The plans go awry when Burman falls for an international sausage-eating legend: Kiyoko “The Praying Mantis” Watanabe…