Season One

Ben and Burman are two little guys with two huge personalities. They make bickering beautiful.

After not seeing each other since grade-school, childhood best buddies Ben and Burman are reunited.  Down on his luck, Burman arrives at Ben’s doorstep looking for a place to stay for “a few days.”  Burman’s short stay, however, becomes indefinite.  We explore Ben’s painful relationship with Amanda, as well as Burman’s precarious unemployment, get-rich-quick schemes, and party lifestyle.  Through it all, Burman tortures the hell out of Ben, driving him to the brink of insanity.  We meet Burman’s rogue gallery of friends including the ever-committed Chilly Willy, ruin dozens of Ben’s budding romances, and discover the boys grow to truly depend on one another.

In the season finale, Ben kicks Burman out of the apartment for a new, cooler, exciting roommate: Sherman.  Ultimately though, Sherman’s party lifestyle and heartless soul lead Ben to welcome Burman back into his life.

Season Two

Now that we’re entrenched in the core relationships, we shake things up by giving Amanda a serious boyfriend, whom Ben and Burman have to go on numerous double dates with — Ben lovingly refers to Amanda’s heartthrob as “Douchbag Dave.”  Meanwhile, Burman starts getting ideas to move away, after numerous get-rich-quick schemes leave the boys in financial ruin.  The season ends with a culminating “going away party,” during which Burman reveals that he’s not going anywhere — much to the disappointed surprise of Ben.

Season Three

Ben pursues his lifelong dream of acting.  During his lunch break, he begins secretly sneaking away from work to auditions.  He must compete for roles with little people and children, which bruises his self-esteem.  Burman realizes that he’s been living an unexamined life, as he sets out to find the only woman he’s ever loved.  Douchebag Dave proposes to Amanda, but she eventually turns him down.  Chilly Willy graduates from high school and contemplates going to Harvard in the fall.  In the end, he decides to stay in town and become a marine biologist so he can continue assisting Burman with endless schemes.  The season concludes when Ben books a recurring gig as a mall Christmas Elf, and Burman goes to jail for stealing romance novels.