The Odd Couple

THE ODD COUPLE forced a slob and a clean-freak to merge lifestyles.  BEN AND BURMAN shares the same core comedic conflict.


SEINFELD built a comedy empire on trivial minutia.  Ben and Burman’s arguments always center around something completely frivolous — trivial tangents are the daily norm.

The Office

Much of the comedic timing in THE OFFICE is rooted in its unique visual style.  The camera is as much a character in the comedy as the actors themselves.  BEN AND BURMAN follows suit, as a single-camera, handheld show.

Family Guy

FAMILY GUY firmly established a new editing tactic in television: the outrageous, quick cut-away.  BEN AND BURMAN uses this technique for comedic emphasis, either solidifying the boys’ points of view or playing ironically against them.

Arrested Development

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT illustrated a central character attempting to hold things together amid routine, humiliating situations.  Ben’s character endures the same pressures while living with Burman.

Perfect Strangers

PERFECT STRANGERS chronicled the rocky coexistence of a normal guy and his distant foreign cousin.  It ran for eight seasons on the simple concept of two worlds colliding in one apartment.  Similarly, Ben’s normal routine is regularly uprooted by Burman’s wild antics, yet they are forced to coexist.